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From technology media to business media, ShareMethods receives more than its share of coverage including recent articles by Computerworld, CNET, Inc. Magazine, InfoWorld, and others. Stop by regularly to see the latest news.

  "ShareMethods Launches Flexible Cloud-based Document Sharing" (October 31, 2011)


  "ShareMethods combines with EchoSign electronic signatures to support exchange of mission critical CRM documents" (May 28, 2010)


  "ShareMethods Puts ShareSpaces on AppExchange" (November 5, 2009)


  "ReviewCam: ShareMethods Cloud-Based Document Management" (Sept 1, 2009)


  "People-Centric Content Management" (July, 2009)


  "Social Content Networks: Document Management Is Growing Up" (May 14, 2009)


  "GeoSpa Streamlines Sales & Marketing Assets Via Portal Share Solution" (April 20, 2009)


  "Is the Future of Web 2.0 in the Enterprise?" (April 16, 2009)


  "Talkin⢯ut Communication" (March 30, 2009)


  "ShareMethods Brings Co-Working to the 'Net" (March 19, 2009)


  "ShareMethods unveils ShareSpaces" (March 18, 2009)

  "Collaboration Software: When So Many Choices Are Confusing" (March 18, 2009)

The Daily Anchor - Marketing, Sales and Advertising Blog

  "Top 5 On-Demand Apps to Boost Sales & Marketing Productivity" (March 5, 2009)
  "How to Grow Sales in a Down Economy" (February 6, 2009)


  "ShareMethods Lands Three New Contracts" (September 18, 2008)


  "Surgical Information Systems Selects ShareMethods for Sales and Marketing Documents On-Demand" (June 30, 2008)


  "20 Top Salesforce AppExchange Apps" (Oct 18, 2007)


  "Beceem Communications Selects ShareMethods For Its Global Sales, Customer Support, And Documentation Needs" (Sept 17, 2007)


  "CRM Fest at Dreamforce '07, ShareMethods, PluraPage, Saaspoint's PropertyPoint, Access Data Corp...." (Sept 17, 2007)


  "ShareOffice Gets More Apps and ShareMethods Gets iPhone Support" (Sept 7, 2007)


  "Office 2.0: The future of applications" (Sept 7, 2007)


  "Out of office - Hoping to save on software costs, [government] agencies tentatively try online office productivity suites" (August 13, 2007)


  "OpenSAM is Promising" (July 26, 2007)


  "Enterprise 2.0: Enterprise 2.0 Mashups" (June 20, 2007)


  "SaaS integration without the lock-in" (May 16, 2007)


  "ShareMethods Joins Office 2.0 Fray, Enter OpenSAM" (May 10, 2007)


  "SaaS Consortium Sets Standards: OpenSAM hopes new standards set bar for all software-as-a-service applications" (May 8, 2007)


  "ShareOffice Launches - Open Standards Based Web Office Suite" (May 8, 2007)


"Exclusive: ShareMethods beats Google to finish line; Launches EditGrid+Preezo+iNetword Mashup" (May 7, 2007)

"ShareDrive - On-Demand files reach your Desktop" (May 8, 2007)


  ShareOffice: "AppExchange App of the Week" (May 7, 2007)


  "CRM Vendor ShareMethods Signs Up Two New Clients" (May 3, 2007)


  "ShareDrive Syncs With SaaS" (May 2, 2007)


  At the Red Herring Spring Conference Keynote Roundtable session, ShareMethodsㅏ Eric Hoffert discusses the growing trend to move document creation, management, and sharing online via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model (May 1, 2007)


  ShareMethods' CEO, Eric Hoffert presents at the Media X Conference at Stanford University (April 16, 2007)


  ShareMethods highlighted in a Special Report: "24 New Tech Tools to Pump Up Sales and Boost your Profits" (December 1, 2006)


  "Tired of failed intranets, users try ShareNow app" (October 30, 2006)


Cool Tools for the AppExchange - Wendy Close, Director of CRM Success at, and Former Lead CRM Analyst at Gartner Group highlights ShareMethods for the Document Management Category (October 27, 2006)


BusinessWeek Selects ShareNow for AppExchange for a Global Deployment of 100 Users in the US, Europe, and Asia

NMS Communications Deploys ShareNow for AppExchange for 270 Users in the US, Europe, and Asia

iNetOffice, ShareMethods in AJAX Deal (October 17, 2006)


  ShareMethods Moves to SAS 70 Facility (October 13, 2006)


  Small Office 2.0 vendors ally to fight Microsoft, Google threats (October 27, 2006)


鲳t up, ShareMethods, showing a "multi-way mashup," combining several online tools, including Google,, iNetWord, and Thumbstacks... It was an impressive display of how you can mash different online applications together -- a word processor, a presentation tool, sales management, and other tools. This demo reminded me of a Microsoft pitch: A made-up company doing tasks that were invented to show off technology. Realistically, most companies will start with smaller projects. Still, the demo shattered one of my big misconceptions: That it is nearly impossible to get online productivity tools from different vendors to work together. Enterprises, it turns out, can make mashups, too.菣tober 27, 2006)