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ShareSpaces® - On Demand Secure Collaboration

ShareMethods has developed the concept of a “ShareSpace®” - a special, independent place or portal where users can distribute content online and easily collaborate with business partners, teammates, or individuals to work together on content and documents. Any user or organization on the Internet can be invited to participate in a ShareSpace. It’s a place for the sharing of content that meets the requirements of secure business transactions.

ShareSpaces have the flexibility and agility of invitation-based social networking tools like LinkedIn and Facebook combined with the security and control of enterprise cloud computing platforms like and Google. ShareSpaces blend flexibility and security, delivering content sharing ideally matched to collaboration within, across, and beyond business boundaries.

For example, a ShareSpace can be used to:

  • Distribute Content to Business Partners - Partner Portal
  • Distribute Content to Prospects and Customers - Sales Portal
  • Support Collaboration Between Teams Inside and Outside the Company
  • Content Approvals/Reviews
  • Support Ancillary Functions, i.e. training, finance, product management
ShareSpace Quote There are really no limits or boundaries to ShareSpaces and their flexibility combined with control makes ShareSpaces unique and powerful.

ShareSpace Hierarchy

Highlights of new features that ShareSpaces provide:

  • ShareSpace Document Management: Each ShareSpace benefits from all of the document management functionality that comes with ShareMethods, including version control, full text search, analytics, etc.
  • ShareSpace Creation Wizard: There is an easy three step process to set up a new ShareSpace, add documents, and users.
  • ShareSpace Administration: ShareSpace administrators will have complete control over their specific ShareSpace, including adding users, setting user roles, changing the document structure
  • ShareSpace Networks: Allow ShareSpace authorized users to be able to create additional ShareSpaces connected to their ShareSpace. This will allow ShareSpace users to create their own collaboration areas. For example, a customer connecting to a partner, and the partner in turn connecting to their customer, and so on…
  • Branding: Each ShareSpace can be customized to reflect visual and text branding with look and feel configuration as needed by ShareSpace users.
  • Activity Feed: Each ShareSpace has an activity feed so the team can immediately see each others activities.
  • Private Cloud: An on-premise installation option is available for customers who need to deploy the system behind an organization firewall or on a secure network.

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