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Who We Are
ShareMethods was founded in 2003 to provide smart and efficient collaboration and communication services for sales and marketing teams, business partners, and customers. The founders have a background of building software-as-a-service applications for Fortune 500 companies and creating easy to use digital media applications used by millions of consumers. The team has played leadership roles at AT&T, Bell Laboratories, Apple Computer, SONY, Magnifi, and NASA. There are more than 200 companies using ShareMethods with users in more than 30 countries.

ShareMethods’ industry leading on-demand product platform includes ShareNow, ShareOffice, and ShareDrive. ShareMethods is also an active participant in social action via its ShareAction program and also in efforts to lead open industry standards for Office 2.0 applications.

Why We are Here
The sharing of information for sales and marketing teams within a company and with key customers and partners is often unorganized, informal, and inefficient - causing lost revenues, lost deals, and a lack of customer satisfaction.

ShareMethods is dedicated to giving businesses of all sizes on-demand access to an array of powerful tools, by creating products that are fast, easy to use, affordable, and of high value. This approach drives best practice sharing, revenue increases, and customer satisfaction.