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About ShareMethods
No more hard-to-manage emails overflowing with attachments. No more overly complicated, cost-prohibitive software. ShareMethods represent an inexpensive, easy-to-use platform that has many of the features that enterprise products contain, without the complexity of deployment or the costs.

The ShareMethods Difference
There is a void between complex, expensive document management systems and simpler collaboration platforms that cannot provide sufficient capabilities. ShareMethods fills that gap with a user-friendly, on-demand document management service that can stand alone or interface seamlessly with or Oracle CRM. And because these capabilities are accessible via the ShareMethods on-demand service, the solution does not require any IT set-up.

ShareMethods Solves Major Challenges

Secure Collaboration: For an extended sales network developing and using sales and marketing materials needed in the field
Efficient Approval: On sales and marketing documents, including tracking the approval process, and maintaining a historical record for compliance and audit
Effective Tracking: Of how sales and marketing documents are being used and by whom, as well as the effectiveness of the materials (also called document analytics)
Efficient Creation: of documents such as sales quotes, proposals, contracts and marketing press releases, newsletters, and more – online documents and on-demand.

ShareMethods Provides Unique Advantages

Version Control: Keeps shared documents up to date in ONE location
Single-Point of Access: Makes sales and marketing documents (like pricing, sales sheets, etc.), easier to find and share broadly
Ease of Use: Users can use full text search or simple navigation to easily find what they need
Managing Input/Feedback: Provides control of entire review and approval process
Distribution: Share large files without clogging up e-mail Delivery: Efficiently distribute sales training materials
Polling: Quickly obtain team members’ opinions on materials

ShareMethods Gets Results

Productivity Gains: Savings related to improved efficiencies that result from performance improvements and reducing busywork
Cost Reductions: Specific savings can be achieved by reducing IT costs and ensuring sales teams can easily access the correct version of collateral
New Revenue: The extent to which the solution can allow for new sales and revenue opportunities by delivering documents to sales people just when needed to close deals
Value Enhancement: Equity gains and improved valuations resulting from a wider, more controlled usage of branding elements in the pursuit of sales and strategic initiatives