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Who Uses ShareMethods?

If you are a VP of Sales or Marketing, manage partners or resellers, or responsible for IT, you have a lot to gain from these advanced, yet easy to use communication and collaboration tools. Small, medium, and large companies worldwide can implement ShareMethods in two ways:

  • Standalone Product: For use as a self-contained document management solution for sales, marketing or partner portal support.
  • Integrated with CRM: For companies that use hosted CRM providers salesforce.com or Oracle CRM On Demand.

Who Sees The Benefits?
Whatever your role in the process, you will see tremendous value from ShareMethods.

Sales Teams

  • Sales people use the latest marketing material to support sales activities
  • Sales materials are always available and will not get lost in a deluge of emails
  • The CRM integration powers a direct linkage to sales activities
  • Sales people have access to marketing information, such as product roadmap info, competitive analysis, sourcing and supply, advertising and promotions, etc.
  • Sales teams can provide critical competitor, customer, and market feedback to marketers in order to improve products and services delivered to customers
  • Sales portal can improve information access to increase revenues and close deals
  • Sales teams can create sales quotes, proposals, and contracts on-demand
  • Anywhere, anytime access for sales teams at the office or on the road
  • Faster and more efficient distribution of marketing materials to the sales force and partners with a "marketing portal"
  • Simplified process of getting feedback from sales or partners back to marketing
  • Allows marketers to know which marketing materials are most effective
  • Incorporates feature requests in new product development
  • Incorporates additional value or unexpected benefits in collateral
  • Provides information on the competition's strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifies market trends and potential opportunities
  • Ensure sales teams have the latest collateral (spec sheets, price lists, etc.)
  • Marketing and sales materials reuse reduces cost and speeds time to market
  • Communications between marketing and sales increases revenue and close rates

Partners and Resellers

  • Partner portal or extranet that provides the latest sales and marketing material to support sales activities of partners and resellers
  • Manage and distribute product or service information to a broad array of partners, so partners only see information that is relevant to them
  • Partners can provide critical competitor, customer, and market feedback to marketers in order to improve products and services delivered to customers
  • A central location for new partners to submit information required by a partner program
  • Improved information access can increase revenues and closed deals


  • No additional infrastructure to implement and support sales and marketing or users outside the firewall
  • Provides a "sales and marketing portal" out-of-the-box with secure access
  • Robust security architecture based on state-of-the-art SAS 70 Type II data centers
  • Lower cost than competitive solutions or extranets and less work required
  • All administration via a simple HTML interface; no customization required
  • Provides powerful CRM integration capabilities
  • Based on open industry standards to support integration