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Who Have We Helped?
Here are just a few of the customers who have made their document management smarter and more efficient with ShareMethods:

Airspan Networks (NASDAQ: AIRN) provides fixed and wireless voice and data systems and solutions, including Voice Over IP (VoIP). The Company has deployments in more than 100 countries with more than 400 operators. Airspan is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with its main operations center in Uxbridge, United Kingdom. Airspan selected ShareMethods for a deployment of 450 users and is using ShareMethods as a global document library on-demand accessible to internal sales, support, and operations teams in addition to key business partners such as Nortel, Ericsson, Fujitsu, and others.

Beceem Communications Inc. was founded with the goal of building a wireless technology company offering semiconductor solutions for the wireless broadband market. Beceem is the leading supplier of chipsets for the recently ratified, IEEE 802.16e standard on which Mobile WiMAX is based. The company's solutions target both base station and subscriber terminal applications. Beceem is using ShareNow for AppExchange to store and manage sales, marketing, and product materials for internal staff, partners, and customer on a global basis with integration via a self-service portal.

BusinessWeek is a global source of actionable insight for 4.7 million success-minded professionals. Since 1929, its affluent audience has trusted BusinessWeek for deeper understanding of the trends that drive growth, how technology creates opportunities, and what best practices keep them ahead of the competition. Success-driven leaders of today and tomorrow turn to BusinessWeek for the need-to-know information and inspiration they canít get anywhere else. BusinessWeek is using ShareNow for AppExchange to manage sales and marketing documents across the US, Europe, and Asia for more than 100 users.

CNET Content Solutions (a divsion of CBS Interactive) is the world's leading independent source of product information. With detailed content on more than 5 million technology products in 15 languages, CNET Content Solutions helps thousands of resellers and retailers convert shoppers into buyers every day. "The integration of ShareOffice with EchoSign has streamlined our contract and document creation, sending and signing process significantly. What used to require fax machines, scanners and file uploads has now been reduced to a couple of emails and a few clicks, freeing up time to focus on our core business instead of administrative tasks."

Evolution One, Inc. began operation in 2000 with a commitment to supporting the movement toward greater consumer choice in and responsibility for employee benefits. They now power the programs of more than 80 managed care and administrative services organizations and cover more than 1,800 employers. Evolution Benefits is using ShareMethods to provide advanced communication tools for their own sales and marketing staff, as well as external clients, such as their third-party administrator (TPA) partners.

JMJ Associates, LLC is a leading provider of world-class performance consulting services for Global 2000 companies, with more than 70 clients and projects in 40 countries. JMJ is using ShareOffice to generate sales proposals and as a review and approval process for proposals for all prospects and clients Ė bringing structure to key business processes and streamlining the time and effort required to deliver high quality, high probability proposals.

HID Global Corp. is the premier global supplier of contactless access control cards and readers for the security industry. With over 200 million credentials in use worldwide, HID leads the industry in 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz RFID card and reader technology for a wide range of security applications. Close to 200 users in the US, Europe, and Asia – including internal teams at HID Corp. and external business partners are using ShareMethods to provide rapid and easy global access to business critical sales, product information, and marketing materials.

Innovative Media is a premier large format digital printing company specializing in the design, printing and installation of large format media. Innovative Media can handle printing from building wraps, water tower graphics and auto fleet brand identity to small posters and signage. Innovative Media is using ShareMethods to manage their client projects to approve, review and track client specs and deliverables.