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ShareMethods® Product Comparison

Why build and maintain an intranet, extranet, or portal when you can just subscribe to ShareMethods?

ShareMethods provides richer functionality, a more user-friendly interface, and no need for a webmaster or IT staff to maintain the site. In addition you receive superior document management and collaboration capabilities — all for a low monthly fee. And customers can be up and running in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

The ShareMethods® on-demand product platform brings a unique set of capabilities to market that meet critical needs for sales and marketing teams to increase marketing and sales effectiveness. We provide solutions that:

  • Enable you to create and share documents easily and securely via the web
  • Provide secure, anytime, anyplace access to documents for sales, marketing, and partners organized in browsable categories
  • Allow users to easily add, search with full text search, browse, view, and edit documents, with complete version control and file level access control
  • Access on-demand documents from the desktop via drag and drop, batch upload, etc.
  • Provide on-demand document creation via “one click documents”

ShareMethods® On-Demand Product Platform

ShareMethods on-demand product platform includes ShareMethods, ShareNow, ShareSpaces, ShareOffice, and ShareDrive...

ShareMethods is a sales and marketing document management and workflow platform, delivered as a standalone on-demand service. It is also the underlying platform for all the products listed below.

ShareSpaces are secure, private places for sharing and collaborating with documents and files. ShareSpaces is available via the AppExchange and as a standalone service.

ShareNow for AppExchange is a sales and marketing document management and workflow platform, delivered as an integrated service with ShareNow is available via the AppExchange.

ShareOffice for AppExchange provides secure intranet or extranet functionality to automate business-critical approval and signature workflows - internally or with partner relationship management. ShareOffice is available via the AppExchange and as a standalone service.

ShareMethods for Oracle CRM On Demand
ShareMethods brings enterprise document management to Oracle CRM On Demand, allowing users to have a large searchable and browsable library of content and to directly access materials relevant to their key accounts, opportunities, or other entities in Oracle CRM.

ShareDrive On Demand enables advanced features for desktop integration of documents on-demand including drag and drop, in-place editing, batch upload/download, offline synchronization, and local back-up to server. ShareDrive On Demand is available as a subscription service for a compact downloadable application, and ShareDrive Lite is available for free, integrated directly via the operating system.

Folderize™ provides a folder structure for Salesforce Content Libraries. Create a hierarchy of folders like in a file system; then link documents from existing libraries to one or more subfolders. Users may browse, filter, sort, and download.

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