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“With ShareNow, it is easy for us to extend salesforce.com with new capabilities for managing docs, collaborating on projects, and communicating with clients. I would highly recommend ShareNow. An invaluable tool — easy to use.”
– Jimnahs Herron, Evolution One

“ShareNow is used consistently by our sales team to manage, store, and retrieve our marketing collateral and data sheets. We had great support and help by the ShareNow team when implementing our partner portal rollout. ShareNow is a very powerful tool…easy to learn and use. It is highly recommended.”
– Shad Mohammed, Litescape Technologies

“A MUST HAVE…ShareNow is one of the best applications I’ve seen for document management. I can go on and on about all the great features, ease of use, and great customer support from ShareMethods.”
– CRM Manager, Major Media Company

“ShareNow was incredibly easy to set up. The support from ShareMethods is incredible. Perfect as a Worldwide Document Library. If you are looking for a flexible, centralized, easy-to-use document library, this is the tool for you!”
– Joanne Babbitt, NMS Communications

“ShareMethods saved us a tremendous amount of inefficiency in terms of duplication of effort and rewrites. It has really streamlined and taken the confusion out of our proposal review process. On demand document management with ShareNow has enabled, JMJ Associates, to boost the value of its sales transactions by 27%. I would be willing to recommend ShareMethods to any salesforce.com subscriber; it is an outstanding plug-in to salesforce.com.”
– Bob Allbright, JMJ Associates

“The integration of ShareOffice with EchoSign has streamlined our contract and document creation, sending and signing process significantly. What used to require fax machines, scanners and file uploads has now been reduced to a couple of emails and a few clicks, freeing up time to focus on our core business instead of administrative tasks.”
– Tom Jones, CNET Content Solutions

“ShareNow makes it much easier to manage and share our business information and documents on demand. Overall, the joint solution of ShareNow and salesforce.com allows us to be more responsive and provide better service to our clients and prospects”.
– Michael Wright, President, TI Broadcast Solutions Group

“Our users are confident that they can access the latest revision of any shared document and see comments from other users regarding changes. The ability to email documents easily to salesforce.com contacts is a fantastic benefit. Two Thumbs Up!”
– Bonny Hinners, Pacific Swimming