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In today’s highly competitive environment, productivity gains must be sought at all points across the marketing and sales value chain for small, medium, and large sized companies. Efficient collaboration and communications for marketing, sales, partners, and support is critical.


Most importantly, ShareMethods creates a “sales and marketing hub” where all members of the sales and marketing team, as well as all marketing and sales partners can participate in the available business benefits by collaborating around the right documents.

Collaboration can occur in several ways:
  • Allow marketers to efficiently create and share documents with sales and partners, and to receive feedback to improve products and services;
  • Make the right sales people aware of new and targeted marketing materials, precisely at the right time -— for new opportunities and key accounts;
  • Provide streamlined methods of interaction between and within marketing, sales, partners, and support
ShareMethods provides the right documents to the right sales person or partner throughout the sales process:
  • Competitive and industry information
  • Marketing collateral
  • Sales presentations
  • Sales proposals
  • Sales financial packages
  • Contracts
  • Customer support documentation