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ShareAction strives to make contributions to the broader community and environments in which the company operates. In addition to providing innovative, high-quality products and services to maximize business results for its clients, ShareAction supports collaborative efforts to make the world a better place. The ShareAction approach allows employees, partners, and clients to be part of something bigger than day-to-day business operations. The idea behind ShareAction is to promote a culture of concern and action for the greater good that is directly integrated into the fabric of the company. The first phase of ShareAction is to (1) define key areas of focus for making contributions and (2) to provide free ShareMethods service for qualifying non-profits in these specific areas. Additional phases of the ShareAction corporate philanthropy program will be introduced over time.

Qualifying non-profit organizations working in the key areas of focus for ShareAction can receive substantial pricing discounts from ShareMethods. To inquire about your non-profit, contact us at info@sharemethods.com with ShareAction in the subject line, or you may call us at 1.877.SHARENOW.

ShareMethods encourages clients and partners to develop programs to support the broader community or to make contributions of services and resources to ShareAction. There can be a powerful resonance effect for clients and partners who syndicate the concept and actions into their own organizations. This will support the creation of a “network effect” where more and more companies support the concept improving overall communities and environments in which clients and partners operate.

ShareAction Case Study: Pacific Swimming
Pacific Swimming is a local committee of USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport of competitive swimming. This nonprofit organization represents more than 17,000 athletes and is supported by hundreds of volunteers located in Northern California and Nevada. Pacific Swimming funds swimming programs and community pools in areas of need. One of the programs proudly funded by Pacific Swimming is the Oakland Community Pools Project. Swimming skills are considered not only fitness skills by Pacific Swimming, but also life saving skills, both of which are vitally important to children across the country. Pacific Swimming also seeks to develop swimming skills for minorities and underprivileged children, where there is an especially significant need to develop swimming and life saving skills.

Pacific Swimming has used ShareMethods through the ShareAction program for a variety of key initiatives including development of a swim guide, and support of an important outreach program. Don Power, General Chairman of Pacific Swimming states, “With ShareMethods, Pacific Swimming has been better able to coordinate efforts of its outreach committee, a committee spread throughout Northern California. It helps us to manage forms, including requests for funding that are received, as well as to track the documented progress of the programs that they support. ShareMethods’ Internet document management services are integral to our ability to manage the expansion of our outreach efforts. We are very grateful to salesforce.com and to ShareMethods for their generous license donations. The fact that the two applications work so well together makes our lives much easier.”

We’d like to encourage the support of Pacific Swimming and their work to make the world a better place. Hopefully through our support we can help them achieve their goals more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. We would also like to invite other qualifying non-profits to contact us regarding participation in ShareAction.