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Product Overview

Do these challenges sound familiar?
  • Reducing the cost, complexity, and delays of providing the latest and most relevant sales and marketing materials to marketers and salespeople
  • Ensuring that key customers and business partners have rapid and easy access to the sales and marketing documents that they need
  • Building efficient communication between sales and marketing teams
  • Providing user feedback to drive improvement of products and services
  • Targeting material to specific groups of partners and customers
  • Accommodating a wide range of users, business units, and geographies with one system to create and share content

ShareMethods has a deep set of features to address those challenges...
  • Central Repository for Sales, Marketing, Support, and Partners: Secure, anytime, anyplace access to documents and best practices organized in browsable categories. Users can easily add, search, browse, view, and edit documents and properties, with complete document version control and rollback capability. Categories can be added dynamically.
  • Full Text Search and Indexing of all documents: Full text search and indexing across Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat PDF, HTML pages, Zip, and text files with keyword highlighting of search matches. And support for advanced search.
  • Filtering: Filter files based on tags, author, location, etc. using faceted search with Ajax interface.
  • Thumbnails and Previews: Visually rich display allows users to easily identify files. Previews allow users to view files without having to download the file or have an application to open it.
  • Check in/Check out: Users can check out files or lock files so other users cannot edit or delete the file while they are working on it.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Users have access to rich document analytics to gain a detailed understanding of how documents are being used and distributed inside and outside an organization.
  • Collaboration and Feedback Tools:
    • Approval and review workflows streamline tasks
    • Activity feed displays the last information from your colleagues
    • Comments, user rating and messaging allow direct user feedback to rapidly improve products and services

  • Secure Content Sharing / Email Notification Engine: Secure content sharing with customizable email notifications of relevant content for users and distribution lists, using secure links or direct email attachments.
  • Work Spaces or Portals - "ShareSpaces": Completely independent work areas can be created to easily collaborate with customers, partners, teammates, etc. with the option to publish files from one space to another.
  • Publish Content: Easily publish selected documents or contents of a folder to your websites or email templates. Or display the contents of a folder on its own web page that can be easily shared.
  • Subscriptions and Alerts: Users can subscribe to any category of documents and receive automatic email notifications and alerts when content is uploaded.
  • Client Configurable User Interface: Innovative approach for a configurable user interface to organize materials precisely tailored to client business process and end user needs. Also, clients can select color themes, customize emails, and customize their login page including a unique URL.
  • Quick Access to Important Information: Quick Share: Quick sharing of sales and marketing team feedback via discussion boards; Quick Lists: Lists of new, most highly rated, and most downloaded documents; Quick Links: Useful links to sales and marketing web resource
  • Document Sorting Support: Users can sort documents in the list view by title, modification date, and size, combined with document icons.
  • Document Shortcuts: A single document can be referenced and searched in multiple locations using only one stored and managed document.

  • Document Expiration: Files that are anticipated to be obsolete in the future can be set to be automatically deleted on a specified date.

  • Web Portal Upload: Easily add document upload capability to your portal or website.

  • E-Signature: Users can send documents out for electronic or written signature directly from ShareMethods using EchoSign.
  • Self Registration: Potential users can apply for login access. Once approved, login credentials are sent to the new user.

  • Multi-Language Support: Users can select different languages to view ShareMethods. Currently English, French, Spanish and Russian are supported. Other languages can be easily added.
  • Role Based Access: Classes of user access defined with user roles for content managers, distributors, collaborators, administrators, and readers.

  • Security: SSL encryption support, and permissions can be set to control which users or groups can see which categories and which files allowing very precise control over security of documents.

  • SAS 70 Type II Hosting Center: The highest level of certification and security for hosting on-demand applications.

  • Open Architecture: Built upon open standards, secure, and high availability architecture.

  • Private Cloud: On-premise installation option is available for customers who need to deploy the system behind an organization firewall or on a secure network

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